Health & Wellbeing


Health issues remain a priority on the global front and even in Nigeria. The COVID-19 Pandemic has also highlighted the importance of preparedness for existing and emerging health crises. This makes it imperative for efforts to be geared towards facilitating affordable access to healthcare and promoting health initiatives. This programme focuses on three related areas, namely, physical health, mental health and general wellbeing.

Overall objective

The programme aims at promoting affordable access to healthcare and facilitating linkages with faith-based health facilities that empathetically improves the health outcomes of their patients.

Components and Specific Objectives

To effectively deploy its services and have a greater impact, the programme is made up of the following activities, namely:

1. Health, whose objective is to promote physical and mental health;

2. Wellbeing, whose objective is to promote comfort, wellness and happiness.

Strategy / Approach

РSustainable and quality Health programmes include medical outreaches to rural communities.

– Free medical and psychosocial services

– Contact tracing and disease screening

– Disease prevention campaigns

– General health awareness and healthy living tips.