JDPC in the Archdiocese of Lagos

The State/Government is not a society. It is only part of society and exists to serve the society. The Church too is also part of the society and cannot isolate herself from it. Therefore, the activities of the Church cannot be confined solely to the sanctuary, Parish rectories, convents and mission fields. Hence, the JDPC, which started in the Archdiocese of Lagos in the early 90’s, is the development agency of the Church in partnership and cooperation with relevant Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Community-Based Organizations (CBO), Community Development Associations (CDA), other Civil Society Organizations (CSO), individuals, and governmental agencies.

The Church cannot remain silent in the face of brazen injustice in the society. Such silence could be understood to be tacit consent or support for the oppressor. As the saying goes, neutrality does not favour the oppressed but the oppressor. Hence, for the Church to remain silent would mean a political decision by the Church in favour of the oppressors.

Inter alia the many social works and Community Development Projects/Programmes, the Lagos Archdiocesan JDPC is actively engaged in promoting human rights, good governance, transparency and accountability, alternative dispute resolution, and peace building.


The title holder of the JDPC is the Archbishop of Lagos. The JDPC also has a Board of Trustee, and the Secretariat is headed and coordinated by The Director working in collaboration with The Deputy Director; the Secretariat Team/Staff, Deanery and Parish Coordinators/Members.

The Board of Trustees (BOT)

The BOT is made up of 7 members and is responsible for the general policy formulation for JDPC Lagos. It is presided over by the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos. The following are the members of BOT:

  • Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martins.
  • Gabriel Sunday Osu
  • LivinusUkah
  • Chief Mary Bassey
  • Bridget Itsueli
  • (Engr.) Francis OlatunjiOnipede
  • Gregory Olaitan Anthony Deinde

JDPC at the Parish/Grassroots and Deanery Levels

JDPC currently exists in about 125 Parishes, grouped into 20 Deaneries within the Lagos Archdiocese. The Deaneries include Agege, Ajah, Apapa, Badagry, Epe, Festac, Iba, Ijanikin, Ijede, Ikeja, Ilemba, Isolo, Ikeja, Maryland, Ikorodu, Lagos Island, Lekki, Satellite, Surulere and Yaba .

Each Parish operates through specific sub-committees relevant to the needs of both the Parish and surrounding community, e.g. Human Rights Sub-Committee, Education and Enlightenment Sub-Committee, Health, Prisons etc.

Individuals designated as Coordinators, respectively, oversee parishes and Deaneries. The coordinators and other members are purely volunteers who offer their time, resources and professional competences, all for the service of God and humanity.