Integrated Human Development


In a world fraught with unemployment and identity crises, there is a need to develop the capacity of individuals and promote the harmonious integration of human nature to ensure self-fulfillment. This can be achieved through a human-centered development perspective that promotes the good of every person. The programme comprises four areas, namely, agricultural development, skill acquisition, microfinance and grassroots monitoring programme.

Overall objective

The programme aims at promoting the holistic development of all persons in the Archdiocese of Lagos.

Components and Specific Objectives

To effectively deploy its services and have a greater impact, the programme is made up of the following activities, namely:

  • Agricultural Development
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Micro Finance/ Micro Credit Scheme
  • Parish /Grassroots Monitoring Programme

Strategy / Approach

Agricultural Development Programme

– Organizing (workshops, seminars, meetings etc) where the capacity of farmers are enhanced towards increasing their average productivity and institutional levels for the benefit of the immediate community and the nation at large.

– This programme also facilitates the procurement of basic and modern farm inputs on behalf of farmers at the rural and riverine areas of the metropolis.

– It organizes farmers into small cooperatives. Identifies and animates existing farmer self-help groups.

– Increasing access to markets and market value for farm products, based on a diversified agro-riverine land-use system.

– It also facilitates the provision of Agricultural Extension services to farmers at the grassroots.

Skill Acquisition Programme

– This programme creates an opportunity for individuals and persons in the society to come and acquire skillsets in various spheres of life in order to empower them and reduce youth restiveness by meaningfully engaging them in productive activities, thereby reducing to its barest minimum the difficulties in satisfying their basic needs. Target groups include, but are not limited to (Youths and Women, displaced persons, ex-prison inmates, people living with disability, etc.).The activities to carry out this programme effectively includes Skill/Vocational training workshops and hands-on demonstrations on income-generating crafts such as local fabrics (Adire), tie and dye, snacks making, soap and cosmetics production, bead/ wireworks, makeup and gele tying, to mention a few.

Micro Finance/Micro Credit Scheme Programme

– This programme provides access to loans for members and also identifies business cooperatives in order to reduce poverty and boost effective entrepreneurial abilities.

Parish /Grassroots Monitoring Programme

– Carrying out effective monitoring of activities and programmes at the Parish and grassroots levels.

– Undertaking periodic evaluation of all such programmes and activities, with a view to ascertaining their impacts on the local communities.

– Facilitating the strengthening of the capacity of the core Parish Teams to effectively respond to the challenges of social development in their communities, through relevant training programmes, etc.

– Seeking to harmonize and streamline the activities of the various Parish Committees, as a way of guarding against unnecessary duplication of efforts and interventions.

Human Capacity Development Programme

– Press Conferences

– Publication of In-Touch Newsletter

– Specialized training in relevant fields of learning such as Project Management, Mediation and Conciliation, and Institutional Capacity Building and/or Strengthening Workshop.