Migration & Anti-Human Trafficking


Factors such as economic hardship, unemployment and ignorance push vulnerable people to migrate through irregular pathways out of Nigeria. Some of them fall victim to trafficking and other dehumanizing practices that impinge on their dignity. The programme focuses on combatting the aforementioned menaces through awareness creation and supports the victims throughout the return and reintegration process.

Overall objective

The programme aims at promoting regular migration and supporting persons that have suffered dehumanizing experiences in the course of
their irregular migration journey. 

Components and Specific Objectives

To effectively deploy its services and have a greater impact, the programme is made up of the following activities, namely:

1. Migration, whose objective is to promote regular migration pathway, increase awareness about the dangers of irregular migration and support returning migrants;

2. Anti-Human-Trafficking, whose objective is to confront human trafficking and support victims of trafficking.

Strategy / Approach

– This thematic area organizes programmes such as rallies, press conferences and campaigns to combat human trafficking and irregular migration in Lagos State

– This programme also supports the return and reintegration of returning migrants and VOTs into their communities

– This programme facilitates the access of Persons of Concern to finance and other economic empowerment initiatives.

– Conducting seminars, research and publication of migrationspecific information.